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Infinity SAV Australia has in its charter an initiative to ensure its innovative technologies are available for the benefit of all, not just those who can monopolize via financial position.
With over 7000 pre orders, and many proposals to control supply we have created this program to at least in some small part benefit groups that may not otherwise have access to this technology.

We call on communities, organizations and other entities to submit proposals for projects for consideration
Successful applications may be eligible for funding via foundations such as ARENA

There is significant funding available, and large imaginative projects are encouraged
Please review the ARENA website and information on their funding and project for guidance of what is possible.
For initial consideration please supply the following
  • Summary of project
  • Benefits of project
  • Funding details
    • we can work with representatives in you organization to prepare funding applications
  • Details of project management team
    • team may be inhouse representatives or or commissioned professional entities
Applicant will be responsibility for all funding, project management, legal requirements and other aspects of the project
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