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What if we told you it is possible to break our excessive reliance on burning fossil fuels to generate energy?

For over 200 years we have excessively relied on burning fossil fuels to generate energy. Today’s world is using oil, gas and coal to satisfy our energy needs for electricity, heat, clean water and food. All that dependence on fossil fuels has created the greatest environmental challenge that we have ever faced – climate change. Even if you don’t subscribe to this as a cause of climate change you will agree that fossil fuel addiction is polluting our air and contaminating our natural environment.

Unique innovations and discoveries at Infinity SAV are creating renewable energy solutions that will replace the outdated ways in which we currently satisfy our basic physiological needs.

The technologies behind Infinity SAV’s products are focused on renewable energy solutions and relate to the most necessary and essential human needs. Our inventions will provide aid in the areas of energy generation, heat, water distillation, refrigeration, cleaning and purification technologies.
These technologies are the most significant advancement for our modern world since the invention of electricity.

Our mission at Infinity SAV Australia is to revolutionise the technologies we are using today, to create a better tomorrow for all of humankind.

Join the revolution.

Imagine Autonomous Energy

Energy Without Limits

Video features prototype in Perspex case for easy inspection



The Magnetic Generator is a non-conventional revolutionary energy source exploiting quantum field properties which legitimately produces more surplus energy than it consumes. The first model to be released, the MG10, produces up to 10KW of continuous excess electricity without fuel 24 Hrs / day. Suitable for domestic and commercial installations. Effective ROI < 2.3 years.

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Highly Efficient Water Heater - Up to 20 kW of thermal power from a power source of 200 W/h of electrical energy.

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Showcase Project Initiative

Australia - AU
Infinity SAV Australia has in its charter an initiative to ensure its innovative technologies are available for the benefit of all, not just those who can monopolize via financial position.
With over 7000 pre orders, and many proposals to control supply we have created this program to at least in some small part benefit groups that may not otherwise have access to this technology.

We call on communities, organizations and other entities to submit proposals for projects for consideration
Successful applications may be eligible for funding via foundations such as ARENA arena.gov.au

There is significant funding available, and large imaginative projects are encouraged
Please review the ARENA website and information on their funding and project for guidance of what is possible.
For initial consideration please supply the following
  • Summary of project
  • Benefits of project
  • Funding details
    • we can work with representatives in you organization to prepare funding applications
  • Details of project management team
    • team may be inhouse representatives or or commissioned professional entities
Applicant will be responsibility for all funding, project management, legal requirements and other aspects of the project
Apply Now
Infinity SAV Australia is the only Australian distributor of Infinity SAV revolutionary products.
Appointed in 2020
First product to be released will be the MG10 which is now available for pre order with eta 4th quarter 2023 or early 2024
Applications for resellers will be available soon.
Please register your interest with info@infinitysavaustralia.com.au

We will have a series of road shows and video conference demonstrations (yet to be scheduled).
The products will be available through select resellers / installers or direct from our web store.
Installation will require a licensed electrician.
The eta of public release is expected to be Q4 2023 on completion of compliance certifications.
The physical world, which we can see and feel, is a closed system, which is well described in the thermodynamics and energy's universal law.

In the infinitely small world of quantum mechanics, this world is an open system, which is currently not well understood, and does not follow the application of a closed-system theories.

Magnets are caused by the Quantum Mechanical Spin of unpaired electrons. Electrons “spin” forever. Yes, we know “spin” is just shorthand for saying magnets maintain their magnetic dipole moment. Energy is recovered from the properties of this "spin". Research has reviled that with the application of certain techniques excess energy is possible from this system. In the case of the MG10 at maximum output the input is 3Kw for a 13Kw return which is the 10Kw rated supply.

A interesting resource on Quantum Field Theory can be found here - QTF Explained

The standard warranty for the MG10 model is 2 years. It can be extended by a distributor for additional charge.
The device will have a complex system of sensors and gauges that will indicate when and what service must be performed on the device. According to our calculations, every 8000 operational hours the device should undergo preventive maintenance which will be performed by trained technicians. The technicians will replace/grease/inspect all moving and electronic parts of the generator.
Once started it can operate non-stop for 8000 hours until maintenance is required.
In the absence of external influences, neodymium magnets remain magnetic for hundreds of years. Demagnetization of generator’s magnets is extremely small if the device is used properly with a rate of 1% every 10 years.
According to our calculations it will last for at least 200,000 operational hours. If maintenance is performed regularly and duly, the generator may serve indefinitely longer.
The device will have an internal cooling system that will automatically adjust to ambient temperature. In case if the generator is used in extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, high humidity) it will have special casing protection. Temperature limits are 70°C and -40°C.
Just like any other electrical device, the generator will undergo safety tests to acquire necessary certificates that will indicate its safety for everyday use at home, office, stores, factories, etc.
The heat generation of the device is very insignificant. Only the motor and electronic components will generate heat just like in any other electrical device. However, its internal cooling system will maintain a constant temperature inside the device.
So far we have successfully tested only the 10kW model. Our next ready for production model is 5kW. Currently, our calculations suggest that the biggest unit we can build is 30kW, however, with sufficient time and funding in future we will be able to build much bigger generators.

If bigger net output energy is required, our generator has an option of current synchronization, which allow to connect several devices to work as one. For example, 10 synchronized MG10 units will provide 100kW of effective power output.

The Magnetic Generator is complex system with an organized structural arrangement of permanent magnets, bifilar coils and PCB controller by specially designed software.
Initial start is performed by a battery or any other external source of energy to help motor reach needed RPM. After start the external source can be disconnected.
The device is able to operate in autonomous mode and maintain its RPM regardless of amount of useful energy being consumed.
The main components of the generator are:
  • an integrated stator;
  • bifilar coils (mounted inside with the same and opposite poles);
  • rotor with shaft; permanent magnets (installed with both poles to the outside);
  • axles and bearings.
The magnetic generator MG10 consists of 40 neodymium magnets and 40 bifilar coils. The constructional feature that enables generating electrical energy is the precise angular alignment of the coils and magnets inside the drum and the switching regulations to suppress back EMF and effectively collect accumulated energy inside the electromagnets (coils). As a magnet starts approaching a coil, at a certain point the voltage of the coil increases along with the amount of charge it can transfer. Once the switching regulator detects the maximum voltage of the coil, it switches off the coil. The magnetic field of the coil that has been formed after excitation of the coil will tend to collapse generating a back EMF in the coil windings.
The designed software of the generator is able to suppress the parasitic current and transform it into usable electrical energy that can be utilized by the end user.
Permanent magnets are uniformly situated along the circumference of the rotor with the same-name and opposite polar poles. Bifilar coils are situated along the circumference of the stator in the same way but with a precise angular alignment to the magnets and parallel-serial connection to each other.

A bifilar coil is an electromagnetic coil that contains two closely spaced parallel windings and a series connection counter coil. In order to properly increase the coil power, its turns are wound in such a way to provide the greatest potential difference between adjacent turns or spirals. The energy stored in the coil is proportional to the square of the potential difference between adjacent turns. Due to the special material of the coil’s core (transformer steel), capacity for a set value of the potential difference between turns has been significantly enhanced.
The Magnetic Generator operation is able to generate power due to interaction of permanent magnets with bifilar coils and an emerging electromagnetic force between them. The magnets and coils are directed towards each other to create torque on the rotor. This composition of the drum of the generator is designed in order for rotor to rotate indefinitely as long as energy of interaction between permanent magnets and bifilar coils is collected and dispensed rationally and effectively.
.The Centrifugal Boiler is still under development and will be ready for distributorship as soon as necessary tests are completed. Meanwhile you can place a preorder for it on our website. 

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